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The Regional Maritime Environmental Security Information Sharing Workshop and Table Top Exercise occurred 31 July 2018 – 03 August 2018 in Manado City, Indonesia. The main objective of the event was to strengthen capabilities to enhance maritime environmental security by identifying information sharing methods and techniques that are available to counter Illegal, Unregulated, and Unreported fishing in the Indo-Pacific region. The event included a Table Top Exercise designed to develop techniques to track vessels in the maritime domain focusing on fishery management zones, national parks, and the Sulu-Suluwesi seascape. The TTX also developed an agreeable list of information data to share, media in which to share, and formulated a plan to determine how security interdiction and response work both regionally, nationally, and trans-boundary. Lastly, the workshop provided examples of current fusion cells, developed a list of best practices, and developed structured analysis techniques for information fusion.

Event Documents

Table-Top Exercise Handouts (pdf, 182 KB)

Table-Top Exercise Scenario Presentation (pdf, 1.97 MB)

Environmental Security in the Indo-Pacific (Sholes) (pdf, 6.48 MB)

Environmental Security Challenges to the Coral Triangle Region (Nora) (pdf, 9.38 MB)

Fusion Centers (Heuett) (pdf, 1.56 MB)

Importance of Fusion Centers (Merritt) (pdf, 471 KB)

Maritime Domain Awareness (Merritt) (pdf, 906 KB)

Pacific Disaster Center (Batzel) (pdf, 2.26 MB)

SeaVision (Heuett) (pdf, 7.24 MB)

Link Between Fisheries Management and Maritime Security (Parks) (pdf, 4.67 MB)

ThaiMECC (Kittipong) (pdf, 33.2 MB)

VIIRS (Baldin) (pdf, 3.99 MB)

Marine Resource Scarcity, Fisheries Conflict and Maritime Insecurity (Pomeroy & Parks) (pdf, 205 KB)

Philippines Coast Guard (Philippines) (pdf, 1.56 MB)

Indonesia's Fight Against IUU FISHING (Husein) (pdf, 2.44 MB)

National Coast Watch System (Philippines) (pdf, 5.60 MB)